Design overview

The objective of the design phase is to create and develop a user interface design that is based on the requirements specification, and that supports the users with their task at hand. Early designs will be simple and sketchy. These will mature into one final design through an iterative process of evaluation and redesign. Successful design will:

  • Create and develop design ideas using multidisciplinary input.
  • If necessary allocate tasks between humans and machines
  • Visualise design ideas using sketches, models and simulation/dynamic prototypes
  • Consider using parallel design.
  • Evaluate design ideas with a few typical users. Get them to carry out typical simulated/real tasks, using methods that may include storyboarding or wizard of oz.
  • Expert or heuristic evaluation may also be used.
  • Ensure that the design takes account of design guidelines
  • Feed the results back into the design process quickly.
  • Iterate the process of design - evaluation until design objectives are fulfilled.
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