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There are three ways of personalising a web site: by categorising the user by role, by allowing the user to specify their personal preferences, or the system can automatically personalise the interface by observing the user’s actions and making assumptions based on other users with the same interests use these to determine what the user sees.

Role-base personalisation

User-specified preferences

Automatic personalisation


These guidelines are based on:

Nielsen, J. (1998) Alertbox: Personalization is Over-Rated

Van Duyne, D K, Landay, J, Hong, J I. (2002) The Design of Sites: Principles, Processes and Patterns for Crafting a Customer-centered Web Experience. Addison-Wesley.Section D4: Personalised content.

For further information and examples of user-driven and customisable interfaces see the Infomations webliography.

These guidelines have been produced as part of the HCI Design Foundation Study for JISC.

Nigel Bevan and Sara Kincla

Serco Usability Services
15 December 2003.