Usability guidelines


Serco managed the UsabilityNet project that has developed comprehensive guidelines for user centred design.

Cost-effective User Centred Design (TRUMP project)

Serco developed simple and cost-effective user-centred methods as part of the TRUMP project, including basic and recommended methods, methods for web site design, instructional design, and integrating methods with development.  

Resources include lists of books and standards and information on usability assurance and justifying User Centred Design.

(Serco markets the more comprehensive Hiser Toolkit containing a complete set of tools for user centred design.)

Usability Measurement (MUSiC project) Go up to top link

The European MUSiC project developed usability metrics including the User Performance Measaurement method (see below) and the SUMI attitude questionnaire.

An overview of the MUSiC methods is given in the paper Usability measurement in context Word document logo[89K].

The Usability Context Analysis Guide Word document logo[500K] and forms Word document logo[50K] provide a practical method for identifying and documenting user, task and environmental factors which affect usability, and for ensuring that these factors are represented when systems are evaluated.

The Performance Measurement Handbook Word document logo [1Mb] explains how to measure user effectiveness and efficiency, consistent with international standards ISO 9241-11, ISO 9126-1 and ISO 9126-4, and the Common Industry Format for usability test reports.

For an introduction to performance measurement, see the paper: The MUSiC Performance Measurement Method Word document logo[133K].

We regret that the DRUM tool for video analysis is no longer available, but similar commercial tools are now available from suppliers such as Noldus and MORAE..

INUSE and RESPECT projects Go up to top link

The project deliverables for usability, user centred design and usability assurance can be found on the European Usability Support Centres web site.


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